Pretty Tricky

Another drawing using the Procreate app. This illustration shows Outsects exploring the bottom of the sea in a mini-sub. I had originally intended to depict a flying saucer but when I added the background, I thought it looked more watery than “spacey.”

I am letting the app stay in its default video record mode as I draw; this provides the bonus “animation” that you can see above.

Procreate works best as a pseudo animation tool if I draw and delete as I progress through the image. This process is pretty tricky as it means I lose my image history as I proceed. (Animation is usually done in a series of stills that can be individually revisited and fine-tuned.) Procreate animation is more “in the moment” and Zen-like!) I think it works best if I just animate a small section of the drawing. My brain can handle that demand; the more elaborate the animation, the more complicated the stages for each transition and if that flow is messed up it causes an interruption to the final product.

Here are two animation experiments. The one with the ball worked better than I realized but I was not attentive enough as I drew. I needed to keep the round shape of the red ball as it moves along the Outsect’s arms. The next animation is more complex, and the dancing Outsects work when I kept the movements small. You can see where I lost patience and let one Outsect throw the other out of the picture. The transition was too sudden. Still, every stroke of my virtual drawing pencil teaches me something, so improvements are promised!

Outsects as pseudo butterflies

I have just traded in my old iPad 2 at Best Buy and received a coupon for $100 towards a new Apple purchase. I took my voucher across the store and invested in the new iPad Pro 9.7. I also purchased the Apple ‘pencil’ and went home to play. I downloaded Procreate and  started to doodle a bit before switching to a little Outsect action. I was flabbergasted to discover that the app had actually recorded my drawing. So, hit the play button to see Outsects come to life!

Vacuum Racing (Technique Tips#1)


vacuum racing prep
Preparing for race day


The image above shows two Outsects practicing for the “Vacuum Races”. Two techniques are on display. The Outsect on the left is demonstrating the “Graceful Arch Approach” with their electrical cord while the Outsect on the right is showing off the extremely tricky “Lasso Hoovering Technique.”

  • Government Health Advisory: Following complications with suspended light fittings Lasoo Hoovering should only be conducted in rooms with high ceilings. The wearing of a crash helmet is recommended.

Outsects Skate-Brooming by the Light of the Moon

Outsects Skate Brooming by the Light of the Moon
Outsects Skate Brooming by the Light of the Moon

As you know flying on broomsticks is as old as twigs. For centuries, broomsticks have been flown in the classical style. This old-fashioned approach involves sitting astride the broom handle (notoriously uncomfortable!) Outsects have quietly brought broomstick riding back to prominence by adopting skateboarding techniques. They stand on the broom handles and achieve scary heights and astonishing speeds. (Worry-warts would probably suggest one should wear a parachute when skate-brooming, just saying.)

Motorized Hobby Horse Racing

Ousects on hobby horses
Outsect racing hobby horses (1)

Motorized hobby horse racing is a popular sport amongst Outsects. The hobby horses are propelled by small engines, e.g. a lawn mower, weed wacker or moped engine will work. Law dictates that riders must wear helmets and the current trend in helmet design is inspired by Medieval Knights.

Outsects racing hobby horses (2)
Outsects racing hobby horses (2)

The New Trend: Bouncing Desks

Outsects and their Bouncing Desks
Outsects and their Bouncing Desks

Over recent years, standing desks have become increasingly popular. Well, now Outsects are promoting the health benefits of fresh air and thrilling exercise gained from the use of the bouncing desk.

The classic “Space Hopper”

Bouncing desks closely resemble the Space Hopper. The Bouncing Desk is weighted in such a way that it always lands the “right way up” thereby protecting the computer and screen. (Outsects recommend use of a wired mouse following complaints from dog walkers being hit by falling wireless mice.)

If you have a window with good egress, you can simply bounce out when you want fresh air. The best bounce can be achieved by bouncing from a decent height, and the top deck of a multi-storey car park can work well for bouncing purposes. Those with deep pockets can order the Bouncing Desk Cannon, a convenient method for shooting yourself skyward from the comfort of your garden or local park. There are rumors that Amazon will be selling Bouncing Desk Cannons with an accompanying smartphone app. The downloadable app will allow you to detonate the cannon yourself.