Where Do Outsects Come From?

1. Creation began with an unlimited amount of absolute nothingness. It was large and very, very quiet and very, very empty. Nothing moved until one tiny, speck of dust appeared.

2. This tiny, tiny dust particle tumbled into the endless void.It tickled! The massive emptiness sneezed, and space echoed with the shock of the sound.

3. The blast of the sneezes shot off in all directions.

4. Giant corridors formed, and these reached out – sometimes joining up together but always reaching out further and further. A giant lacy cobweb of passages was created and hung suspended in the soundless reaches of space.

5. As the dust years passed by allergens and debris dislodged from the nothingness drifted into awkward nooks and crannies. Gradually these sticky dust particles grew into mountains, planets, suns, moons and stars.

square earth white sky space700w
6. Planets were sculpted into cube shapes by the sneeze currents. In due course, the currents shifted, and the celestial bodies lost their corners.

Sneeze Rocket Colour700w
7. One day, when we have invented rockets that fly faster than the speed of a sneeze we will catch up with Earth’s far-flung corners.

8. Finally, the exclamation mark that always follows the end of a sneeze crashed into Earth. Millions of Outsects sparked into existence, born from the electrostatic debris of the great surprise.

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