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OGTD = Outsects Getting Things Done

Outsect behind soap bubbles at the kitchen sink
OGTD: Washing the dishes

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen inspired this picture. Getting Things Done (GTD) is something I strive for yet I remain a consistent underachiever in its fine arts. Hence the OGTD version: Outsects Getting Things Done. In OGTD, the practitioner leaves everything to the last minute, this focuses the mind while allowing inspiration to slowly simmer and bubble. In OGTD, undisciplined thoughts are given free rein; they wander down winding unproductive paths and permit the intrusion of innumerable frivolities and distractions. Once the alarm finally sounds the OGTD practitioner snaps to attention, gathers up their wool-gathering and lint collecting and applies their well-rested concentration to the task at hand.

A Gaggle of Outsect Leaders

A Gaggle of Outsect Leaders

To date, research has failed to identify an Outsect leader. It appears that no Outsect is capable of taking themselves seriously enough to aspire to a position of importance over others. Instead, when a decision is necessary Outsects will hold a “Sovereign Party” which seems to involve rather a lot of dancing.