Vacuum Racing (Technique Tips#1)


vacuum racing prep
Preparing for race day


The image above shows two Outsects practicing for the “Vacuum Races”. Two techniques are on display. The Outsect on the left is demonstrating the “Graceful Arch Approach” with their electrical cord while the Outsect on the right is showing off the extremely tricky “Lasso Hoovering Technique.”

  • Government Health Advisory: Following complications with suspended light fittings Lasoo Hoovering should only be conducted in rooms with high ceilings. The wearing of a crash helmet is recommended.

3 thoughts on “Vacuum Racing (Technique Tips#1)

  1. When is an actual GOOD cordless vacuum going to come out? Dyson released one that is like 6 pounds and the battery lasts probably 4 minutes. It’s upsetting.


    1. I heard the App Store will soon have a wireless vacuum app called “Suck-It-Up!” (It includes in-app purchases.) However early reports say battery life is much less than two minutes. Useful for the odd runaway peanut.

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